ASP is an abbreviation of Active Server Pages, which is an application of .NET applications platform, introduced and launched by Microsoft.

When you are creating the some server-side scripting to produce web pages for the usage upon the multi-dimensional browsers, what you requires is to apply the AP.NET platform. For the dynamic web page production, you need a server-side forms application, a strong and reliable data base to store the data in it.

When ASP.NET is Required?

When you have created the forms upon the websites, what you need is a back-end data base or the platform where you may save the details of the forms. Here, you may save the necessary details of the forms in order to apply them to authenticate the web page users’ registration details. For the purpose, the whole back-end mechanism is designed in .NET Applications platform by applying the VB Basic language.

VB Scripting Required to Create the ASP.NET Dynamic Pages:

For the creation of the ASP.NET pages, our team applies the VB Scripting which is VB Basic. VB scripting language is a part of the Visual Studio, the software development platform of Microsoft.

  1. NET is Application Programing Interface model
  2. NET is applied for creating the web form pages
  3. NET is also used to create dynamic web page framework
  4. For the purposes, the data bases for the websites are created
  5. Our team applies the C# or the Visual Basic for creating the ASP.NET pages

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