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Benefits of Company Website?

When you have decided to bring the profile of your company to Online by creating website of your company, business or professional firm, you are almost confirmed about the benefits of company website for your company. But, still you must keep the following in your mind about the different benefits of the company website:

Essential Requirements of Website for Company Operations

  1. Legal Requirements

Majority of the company or business registration agencies, in global scenario, legally demand to display all the legal and statutory statistics, structure and documents upon the website for the observance of all the company stakeholders. The registration process is not complete till the website URL is displayed upon the documents submitted to the registration agencies.

  1. Display of Business Information for Company Stakeholders  

What you get from company website is the confidence of the different stakeholders, whole sellers and end users about company structural information and other details. The different stakeholders may need such detailed information to get in touch with the company higher-ups and the departments for the different business information and for the marketing contacts.

  1. Marketing of Company Products and Services, Produced or Sold by Company

In addition to the legal and operating needs, almost all the companies use the company profiled websites for the marketing of different products and services, produced or sold by the company. These websites are applied in the different styles for the publicity, marketing, sales promotion and advertisement.

  1. Application of Company Websites as E-Commerce

As a current trends, almost all the business companies prefer to use the company websites as the e-commerce website to get in-touch with the Online company customers / clients and the other stakeholders. These company websites are used to display all the products, produced and offered for Online sale, by the company.

Specific E-Commerce Plus Company Website

If you are willing to convert your company website into the composite ‘company & e-commerce website’, you must keep in view that:

  • It will be a specific and advanced website
  • It may take a little longer to develop the website
  • The cost / price to develop company plus e-commerce may be higher than the simple company website
  • If you are willing to get the AMP optimized website, its cost will also be higher.
  • Developers may require to remain in constant contact with the company representatives during the development process for the details of the websites.

Now, it depends upon you to get benefit from your intended Online platform, being created by us.

Benefits of Company Websites

Though you are well aware of the benefits of company website but still you may get following advantage of the company website:

  1. Easier to Compete with Competitors

It is easier to compete the much bigger competitors with much bigger marketing budgets & funds when your website is really comprehensive one.

  1. Better Advertising

Now, you may improve your advertising, publicity and sale promotions with company website to many folds.

  1. Search For New Customers

While working with web pages and websites, it is a novel idea to search new customers in Online marketing era.

  1. Lesser Marketing Costs

You may save a lot of marketing costs and expenses when you are applying the low priced Online marketing techniques.

  1. Improvement in the Sales Productivity and Conversion

The marketing team of your company may improve the sales productivity to many folds when it is being assisted by the Online marketing techniques.

  1. Help the Customers to Make Easy Purchasing Decisions

By displaying the less priced products on display, you may help your clients to make easy, convenient and reliable purchasing decisions.

  1. Easy Borderless Marketing

As compared to exceptionally high cost borderless marketing and sales, a well-designed web page can present the image of the company across the borders at almost negligible cost.

  1. Easier to Face Competitors in Local Market

It is possible to compete even the bigger competitors in local market as well.

  1. Two Way Communication with Clients

Before the completion of sale process, the two-way communication with clients is necessary, rather essential for the conversion. This object can be achieved with convenient communication and satisfaction of clients to ensure the conversion.

  1. Can Convert Your Local Market Reputation into Sales

With the webpages, you may convert your large scale local market reputation into the sales on the regional or even national scales.

  1. Best After Sales Service

You can provide the essential most step into the sales, i.e. after sales service in the cheapest and most effective way.

Requirements to be completed by you for Development of Website by Our Team

When you have decided to get in touch with us for the development and creation of website for your company, you must provide the following to us for the purpose:

  1. Registered domain name for your company website
  2. Hosting platform
  3. Complete legal and structural information to be uploaded upon the website
  4. Images and the other information for the company website header, home page and picture gallery
  5. Marketing material for the company website, such as, the images of products and services
  6. Detailed information about the products to be provided for sale at website, including images, written content and price list
  7. Color details, icons and font details
  8. A detailed information page to be completed by you for the development of the company / e-commerce website by our team

What We Will Do For You?

  1. Logo Design, if your don’t have the one
  2. Emails Addresses
  3. Free WordPress Theme
  4. Your Registered Presence upon Google
  5. Free Google Map Listing
  6. Search Engines Submissions
  7. Social Media Icons and Links
  8. Content for Home Page (300 Words)
  9. List and Images of Prominent Products & Services for Home Page (30 Images)
  10. Free Whos.Amung.Us Map
  11. Initial and Limited Traffic from Various Sources
  12. Free Facebook and Twitter Pages
  13. Contact Page

Negotiable Price

Remember; we are always ready to negotiate for price, design or time frame.

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What Requirements You Will Have to Complete For Getting Websites, Developed by Us?

Cost / Price of Development of Company / E-Commerce Website

  • Made for the specific purpose, they are commonly created to support the bigger and large businesses operations
  • These one page or the multiple page small websites are commonly created to help in the search engine optimization process
  • These are created either as free or are created at the substantially reduced cost by our team of developers
  • Some of these one page websites are created either as temporarily or for the limited purposes

Package Prices

Following are the creation charges for the WordPress website or blogs. If you want some customization for your website or blog, the charges for the customized website will be negotiable.

Single Page / Landing Page
Per Landing Page
1 Landing Page (your design)
Slider with 2 slides / banners
1 About Us Section
1 Contact Us Section With Form (Standard Name, Email, Subject & Message Fields)
Up to 5 images (across all sections)
Responsive Design
You save $70
Per Website
1 Home Page (your design)
Slider On Home Page With Up To 5 Slides/Banners
Up to 5 Inner Service/Product Pages
1 About Us Page
1 Contact Us Page With Advanced Form
Up to 5 Images On Every Page
Responsive Design
Your choice
1 Landing Page (customized design)
Customized Sliders
User-Defined Pages
Customized About Us Page
Customized Contact Us Page With Advanced Form
Your Chosen Number Of Images On Every Page
Responsive Design

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