Your WordPress Landing or One Page Websites at Negotiable Price

If you are a celebrity, artist, politician or some sort of professional like this, what you need is a simple and one-page landing page design which may reflect the different facets of your personal life. These simple and one page websites may be used by you to reflect and boast your talent, personality, ambitions, future programs & plans for your fans, supporters, voters or other stakeholders.

Different Names for One Page Website 

The one page websites are also named as:

  1. Sales Page
  2. Lead Page
  3. Landing Page
  4. Single Page Website
  5. And so on.

Type of One-Page WordPress Websites Design, Needed by Professionals or Small Traders 

There is a long range of Types of one-page websites for different professionals but some of these are as follows:

  • Small Business Page
  • Politicians
  • Celebrities
  • Movie Artists, Musicians & Singers
  • Players
  • Religious Leaders
  • Teachers & Educators
  • Lawyers & Legal Practitioners
  • Stock Brokers, Accountants and Financial Analysts
  • Authors
  • And Many Such Personalities

One Product or Website Landing Page

On the other hand, there is a general trend that some of the e-commerce or trading companies creates or develops one or more than one-page design to support their main e-commerce websites. Technically, these one-page lead pages are simple websites with just one home page and one or two supporting pages on it.

Due to the simplicity of personal or beautiful landing pages, these are:

  • Easier to create
  • Consumes much less time to develop

Commonly, such custom landing page are developed as gifted along with e-commerce pages or other advanced pages.

Requirements to be completed by You before Acceptance of Offer by Us For One-Page Website

But, if you want to get the one page or personal websites, you will have to provide us the followings at your cost:

  1. Registered Domain Name
  2. Hosting platform
  3. Contacting email
  4. Your Images for Picture Gallery & Home-Page Header
  5. Content, to be Published Upon Websites
  6. Your requirements for the website, such as, color specifications, font styles and so on

Structure of One-Page Websites

Commonly, there is just one important page (Home Page) but some of the following pages may also be added in one-page website:

  • Home Page
  • Contact Page
  • My Services
  • My Completed Missions or Projects
  • Picture Gallery
  • Blog or News Page

Click to Start Building Your One Page Website: If you are willing to get benefit from our offer, click our link and start filling the requirements page. And your first page will be created within few stipulated days which will be intimated to you in return email.

Now, if you are willing to go ahead to get advantage from this opportunity, just click and start completing your requirements for the development of sales landing page.

Remember: we are always open to negotiate for price and design.

Waiting for the Prompt Response to Serve You!

  1. Made for the specific purpose, they are commonly created to support the bigger and large businesses operations
  2. These one page or the multiple page small websites are commonly created to help in the search engine optimization process
  3. These are created either as free or are created at the substantially reduced cost by our team of developers
  4. Some of these one page websites are created either as temporarily or for the limited purposes

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