How Blogs Can be Used for Social and Co Curricular Activities of Students and Schools?

In order to create the interesting material for the web pages and blogs which may be a strive to make the school web a center of the interest for the students, schools create the blogs and makes them so much interesting that student prefer to use them as against the social media. A lot of material, interesting for the students, is published upon the blogs. So, the blog administrator may attempt to make the blogs more interesting than the social media.

By applying all the resources, available to the blog administrators, the blogs can be made interactive and interesting. The comments section, placed below each of the page or post, may become a pivotal section to be of interest to almost all the students and the comments makers.

Social & Co-Curricular Activities which can be Covered Upon the Blogs

Typically, the blogs may be used for the following types of the social and extra-curricular activities:

  • School Social Life
  • School Music Concerts
  • Periodical Dance Parties
  • Dance Gala
  • Dance and Music Competition
  • Singing Competitions
  • Annual Dinners
  • Annual Prize Distribution
  • Graduation Day
  • Parents Day
  • Periodical Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Different in-School and Internet School Games
  • Different National and International Days
  • First Day in School
  • Last Day Farewell in School
  • Old Students Reunion
  • Drama Festival
  • Debating
  • School Union Elections
  • School Union Oath Taking and Other Functions
  • Faculty and other Staff Member Transfer or Retirement functions
  • Guest Speakers

There are many such events which become the stem of the social and co-curricular activities of the school. All such functions are covered in the blogs and the students, regardless of their attendance in the function / event, enjoy their coverage. The major attraction in the school blogs are the coverage of such social and co-curricular activities which makes the blogs a good competitors of the social media. So, every school tries to cover as maximum as possible events in their blogs as possible.