Education Blogs

How Blogs for Question Answer Sessions Work for Teachers and Students?

As the question answer session is treated as essential rather vital part of the academic activities, majority of the education blogs are created just to share some information or knowledge which was left unanswered in the classroom due to the lack of the time. So, many teachers create the blogs, just to answer the questions, asked by the students in the classroom, which couldn’t be answered in the class room. If the questions were important, the teacher may spare time to answer the questions, raised by the students. Some of the students may raise the questions, even after the classroom upon the blogs. If these are important ones, the answers are desired as per the academic protocol.

These question answer sessions on blogs are important as they are reasonably free from the time constraints, and may continue late hours in the night. Some of the questions may raise more questions by the other students and may adopt the shape of the live and very fruitful discussion.

Norms for Question Answer Sessions

For the smooth management of question answer sessions, the norms are set and the topics are chosen before the start of the session. If the starting and closing times are set well in advance, it is a good idea. But, for the best and the most effective question answer sessions, the time constraints are not followed. Particularly, at the advanced levels, this question answer sessions may continue even for weeks or even longer. These question answer sessions may involve the students of the class or school but for the very advanced sessions and topics, the other people or students, beyond the boundaries, may be allowed to share their point of view.

Most of the question answer sessions in the universities or the research bodies may expand beyond the national boundaries and may become global discussion forums.