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How Non Academic But Still General Academic Uplift of Students Can be Made with Blogs?

Understanding the nature of overall change in the academic circumference and perimeters, the schools are rapidly following the delivery of the non-academic stuff and subject matter as well. This material can be used by the students to work with the life around them, bit other than the academic syllabus. This non-academic material may be helpful for them to become a better citizen and to be adjusted better in the hard core of the life.

For example, the information and the requirements about the part time or full time careers, family life saga, social life telltales, the best pass-time in the town and so on. Some schools work with the placement and job counseling right upon the blogs and are refreshed many times a day.

With the popularity of the new philosophy of the preparing the students to adjust better in the life, the academic institutions are now diverting their attention toward the uplift of the students with the general academic