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How Students May be Involved In Activity Even after Class Room by Applying Blogs?

In advanced and the research oriented classes, when the students are busy in preparing the research based assignments while at their homes or hostel dorms, some students, involved in advanced research work, may require the advice and the guidance of the teachers and researchers. While some of the weaker students may need the guidance and help from the teacher, such, guidance and the help may need to be provided, live, via Internet and preferably with the help of the blogs. In such guidance, many students may benefit from such guidance.

Why Involvement of Students Even after Class Room Activity?

In typical academic sessions, thirst for the scarcity of the time is always felt. Near the end of the academic sessions, the time is always short and the students are forced to work beyond the classroom time. Particularly, when some important topics are under discussion and may demand the extensive debates, the students may, themselves, desire to extend the session beyond class room time. This is possible upon the blogs only.

Now, the teacher or the administrators of the blog may decide to involve the class students or may decide to allow the other students of the school or the students from other academic institutions or the educational sphere to participate in the discussion. The good teachers or the schools, willing to enrich their minds of their students, may allow the other people, faculty or the people to participate in such pure academic discussion.

Recorded Speech

Sometimes, the students of the class may be invited to share their ideas or the speech in shape of the recorded lectures or the presentations. Then the remaining students of the class may question the speaker or speak in return by sharing their own point of view.

If the class presentation is conducted upon the blog, then only the students of the class may be allowed to speak or share their pint of view. Other outsiders may not be allowed to participate in such activities.