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How to Add a New Windows Form in Visual Studio?

Launching new Windows Forms in Visual Studio is the basic and the foremost step at the C# language platform and in the Windows Form Environment in Visual Studio. In the absence of any form, you cannot work upon the Windows Form environment in Visual Studio. This is simple fundamental step which is just easy to work upon. Just see the tutorial to understand it.


1: When you have initiated the Visual Studio at the ‘Start Page’ of Visual Studio, you may adopt any of the two methods to open up the new form:

  • Just click the ‘New Project’ and it will take you to the ‘New Project’ popup window. From here, you may move forward.
  • Or write the command line: [ Control + Shift + N ] and it will take you to the ‘New project’ popup window.
  • Alternatively, you may click the ‘File, which will open up the downward popup, just move the mouse over the ‘New’. It will open up the further rightward popup and click the ‘Project’ to open up the new project.

2: At the ‘New Project’ popup window, click the ‘Windows Forms Application’ and click the ‘OK’.

And the new window form application will appear for you to work upon.

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