How to Add Media in Posts of WordPress Blogs?

When you are adding or publishing post, posting the article or editing any of the already published article on your blog, what you may need is the adding some media, such as, the still or animated media file or doc (image) in the post or article upon your blog. This is a simple few step process which require just few second time.

So, let’s understand the procedure to upload, publish or add some still media items in the post or article.

Note: This tutorial is about uploading the still media. In any future tutorial, we will explain the procedure to insert video in the post or article.


1: At the open interface at the ‘Dashboard’ of your WordPress blog, click the ‘Add Media’ button, placed between the interface buttons. It will open up the ‘Add Media’ gallery interface. To insert the media in the post or article in the WYSIWYG, click the ‘Select Files’ button.

2: ‘Select Files’ button will take you to file picker of your computer.

3: After selecting the media file, click the ‘Open’ button. This will take your media file to the ‘Media Library’.

3: At the ‘Media Library’, click the selected media file and click the ‘Insert into Post’ button, placed at the bottom right corner of gallery.

4: Now, at the WYSIWYG, see the media file is uploaded and is ready to be published.

Now, you may write the necessary post and may publish the post after completing the necessary requirements.

Stay tuned for further blogs post tutorials!