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How to Add New Category in WordPress Blog or Website?

If you want to add new category for the special type of the posts, you may do so. You may add new category in your blog or website by just following few steps. When you are adding new post, you may add the new ‘Category’ right before publishing the post and new post will be added in the new category. To add new category to your blog, just follow the tutorial.


1: Before publishing new post, just scroll down to the ‘Categories’ section, in the right column of your ‘Dashboard’ of the blog.

2: Here, click the ‘Add New Category, and it will open up a space for writing the name of the new category.

3: Write the name of the new category, you want to add to your blog.

4: And click the ‘Add New Category’.

5: And see; the new category is produced in the categories list. Now you may click it and the new post will be added to this category. In addition to it, you will also be tagged in this newly produced category, automatically.

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