How to Add New Post in WordPress Blog by 3 Different Options?

When you are willing to publish or add new blog post upon your blog, three different methods of adding new post are offered by the WordPress. So, you may adopt any of these 3 methods to start adding or publishing new post or article upon your blog. All these methods are just the initial step which are offered at different steps upon the dashboard of WordPress blog with no difference in their implication. You may choose any of the method, depending upon your working level.

Lets’ have a closer view upon the three methods of adding new post upon your blog.

Add New Post Options, Available in WordPress Dashboard

All the 3 different approaches, available to you, to add new post depends upon your working level, at which you are, during the working. The three different levels of working and adding new post options are:

From Dashboard at Very Start of Working

When you have just open up the Dashboard of your blog and willing to add new blog post, you may just move your mouse over the ‘Posts’ in the left column of the Dashboard. It will open up the leftward popup menu with the following items in it:

  1. All Posts
  2. Add New
  3. Categories
  4. Tags

Just click the ‘Add New’ and the interface for adding new blog post will open up. Here, you may add the new post, following the due procedure and completing the requirements.

From Display of All Posts

When you are viewing all the published posts upon your WordPress blog, you may just decide to add new post. This is simple here; just click the ‘Add New’ button, placed next right to the ‘Posts’. It will again open up the same interface for adding new post.

Adding New Post After Publishing a Post

When you have just published a post upon your blog (see the ‘Update’ button, placed in the right column of the Dashboard, which appears after publishing the post), the option to ‘Add New’ will appear at the top of the ‘Dashboard’ next right to the ‘Edit Post’ option.

If you are willing to add new post, just click the ‘Add New’ and the interface to add new post will appear upon the ‘Dashboard’. Here, you may publish new post, as desired.