How to Choose and Buy Best Domain Name for Your Website or Blog?

When you have decided to run the blog, website or web page for your business or entity, the first and the prime thing to do is to select and choose the most appropriate domain name. Technically, the domain name is a proof of identity, cord or twine that outlines a jurisdiction of managerial authority or control while your entity is upon Internet. This is the main source of interaction with your presence upon the Internet.

While you are choosing you must understand that you may select any of the name of your choice for the domain name and with any of the extension, provided the same has not been chosen and selected by someone else upon Internet for her / his presence upon the Internet. Second thing of noting is that the some extensions are preferred by the search engines and even by Google for top ranking in the search engines and the Google. Though there is difference of opinion about the ranking if the domain names with extensions but the most popular ones are; .com, .net and .info are the most popular ones. But, the .com is that extension which commonly comes at top ranking in search engine ranking, i.e. all those websites which have the .com extension will come among the top ranking domains.

Domain Name Selling and Registering Bureaus upon Internet

There are many domain registering places and authorities which help you to select, choose and register the domain names for you. But, typically, almost all distinguishing hosting companies and entities also sell or help you to select the appropriate domain names for you. When you will register for the hosting to run your domain upon the hosting, the domain name will also be offered for free or upon the small charge.

So, there are some tips which require to be observed while selecting the domain names and their extensions:

Tips to Choose the Best Domain Name

  • Choose .Com Extension: Better it is to choose the domain name with .com extension by avoiding the other tricky domain extensions.
  • Prefer to Use Your Business or Cause Keywords in Your Domain Name: It is better for you to use the keywords of your business in domain. It will help the search engines to understand what your website is about. Then they may adjust the ranking of your websites in Google and other search engines.
  • Keep the Domain Name as Short as Possible: Choosing the shorter domain name can help you to write to search upon the search engines. Longer names may get you to confuse about the spelling or so on.
  • Easy to Pronounce and Spell Domain Names: Always choose those domain names which are easy to spell and pronounce as difficult and longer domain names are commonly misspelled or mispronounced.
  • Try to Choose Unique Domains which May be Used as Brandable: Prefer those domain names which may be used as the brands in near future. The uniqueness of your domain will become your identity upon the search engines.
  • Always Avoid Hyphens: As the hyphens are not liked by the search engines, the Google algorithms will place the domain names with hyphens at the last places in ranking.
  • Double Letters in Domain Names Can be Misspelled Easily: Try to avoid selecting and choosing double names as they are frequently misspelled, losing the incoming visitors.    

While choosing the right selection for your domain name, avoiding the some of the commonly mentioned mistakes may make your domain name and ultimately your blog the very attractive one for the visitors to visit the website.