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How to revert back to old Chrome Browser layout after the new interface layout by Google?

Google has recently re-designed the interface of the popular Chrome Browser for Windows devices and the new layout comes with rounded corners and a couple of relocated features. Although, the new interface of Chrome looks awesome and it feels fluid in usage but, some users are not satisfied with the new design and are looking for ways to get the old layout back.

Luckily, there is an easy way to get the old Chrome user layout back with just few steps and still enjoy the performance upgrade and fluidity without getting a changed user interface. The instruction video and detailed tutorial below takes you through the steps of reverting the new interface and getting the old layout back.


  • First of all, you open up Google Chrome Browser. Once opened, type the following in the address bar:


  • Experiments section will open. Here you will see a search bar on top of screen. Type ‘UI Layout’. ‘UI Layout for browser’s top chrome‘ will be showed in results.

  • Press the blue button on right and select ‘Normal’ from the drop down menu options.

  • Chrome will say your changes will take effect after a restart. Press ‘Relaunch Now’.
  • Chrome will restart and your old layout will be back.

  • That’s all! Enjoy using the old Google Chrome layout while it lasts.

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