How to See All Published Posts upon My WordPress Blog?

When you are willing to see the total published posts upon your blog, it is just the natural thing before the start of working upon it. It is a one step process which can be done in a second or so. For the purpose, what you need to do is to see the two step process in the tutorial.


1: At the ‘Dashboard’ of your blog, just click the ‘All Posts’ in the left column. Either click it directly or click the ‘All Posts’ in the leftward popup when you will move your mouse over ‘All Posts’. It will take you to the interface and the list of all the posts, published upon your blog.

You may open up the list of all the published posts upon the blog by three different methods (See the image).

2: Here, at the list of the blog posts, you may not only see all the posts, published upon the blog, but also the names of the authors, the tags, stats, comments upon the posts by the readers, date published and the details of the SEO.

So, now, you may do the needful about the total posts and their various statistics.

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