Content Writing

How to Write Simple Content for Modest and Non English Speaking People?

When you have determined to write for the Online resources, just keep in your mind that you are writing a ‘Primer’ for the jump starters and beginners. Don’t expect them to be at your level of knowledge and information. It is a great idea to adopt the pedagogy approach, i.e. teaching and writing for the school children.

Remember; you will have all levels of people with normal, above normal or below normal education level. So, follow the humble approach and make it sure that each reader can understand and follow your idea and thoughts.

Beside many other things, few points to keep in your mind are about writing simple and lucid English. Some of the simple English writing principle are as follows:

Content Writing Principles

For the writing of the simple and lucid English, try to follow some of the language writing principles:

  • Never try to write Shakespeare’ or Queens’ English. Don’t forget that your readers may not be familiar with this style of English language.
  • Always address your readers by frequent usage of YOU.
  • Always write in short paragraphs as normal grasp of the general reader falls after reading few sentences. Try to write as maximum as four sentences in one paragraph.
  • The English, written for common people, should not excel the twelve words per sentence, on average.
  • Don’t use the hard and classical English language words. Always try to write simple English.
  • Professional language for the common people with not awareness with jargon will make them to stop writing and exist the page.
  • Always try to use the simple and direct sentences, avoiding passive sentences.
  • Don’t waste the scarce space by repeating the needless words.
  • Try to present your point of view in the shortest possible words. Lengthy text may boast up your command upon the subject matter but long text may bore your simple reader who may quit long text and may exist page.

So, if you want to write good English, always try to simple and short English for the simple minded people.