What is Online Training?

When the vision of learning is delivered Online, i.e. via the Internet or as the computerized electronic learning, it is called Online Training. But, technically, the Online training courses those which are designed for delivery via Internet. When communication is possible between the facilitator and the trainees with the help of the Internet or via digital networks, it is called Online Training.

When you can communicate with your trainer or the trainees, get the participation in the training process, submit your assignments and get your tests graded, you are definitely going through the Online training process.

  • Best and the most applicable Online training
  • Highly qualified and industry leaders as trainers
  • One to one and group training
  • Sensitivity training
  • Long question answer session with no question unanswered
  • Flexible time and training level

Why to Go for Online Training?

While you are passing through the process of selecting the Online training or the class room training options, you must consider the following for the purpose:

  1. After the discussion with the System Hash and trainer, you may set the appropriate and suitable time frame for your online training. This flexible training day and time adjustment is not possible in the class room training.
  2. In classroom training, major constraint is to spare enough time to travel to the training place to attend the class room training. But, in the Online Training, you may not waste your time and you may attend the class, while at your comfortable place of residence or convenience.
  3. During the classroom training, the frequent sensitivity training is not possible. But, during the Online training, you may avail the chance of sensitive training and display of the different options.
  4. One to one training is not possible in class room environment while during the Online training, you may enjoy the individual attention of the trainer.
  5. Wide question answer sessions, which may extend beyond the class room, even when you are in your house, late in the night, are only possible in classroom training. During the Online training, not a single question, asked by you, can be ignored.
  6. Special Online training techniques which cannot be applied while you are in class room training.
  7. Extra expenses to attend the class training course, such as, the transportation, leave from the official occupation and so on can be avoided.

Techniques to Deliver Online Training

For delivering the Online training, some of the techniques being adopted by our trainers are:

  • Group Training: For the group training, the groups will be made for about 5 to 10 participants.
  • Skype for Group Training: For the groups, the Online training will be conducted by applying the Skype software.
  • Team Viewer for One to One Online Training: For the individual and one to one Online training, the Team Viewer may be applied. With Team Viewer, the two way communication and hand on one to one training is also possible.
  • Sensitivity Training: For the sensitivity training, the group will be invited to see the live streaming at YouTube.
  • Appropriate Available Time: Appropriate time can also be set for the one to one training as well.
  • More Time for the One to One Training: More and more time can also be devoted for the one to one training.

The other details of the training can also be set for the different types of the activities for the individual and group training.

What Can We Do For You During Online Training?

Online Training for the software development and other related fields is a novel concept in the training and development. With its wider and the vast application, there are many advantages for those enthusiasts, like you, who are willing to get maximum benefit from this new branch of learning and development.

The major benefits for you to attend the Online training are:

  1. Time and Money Saving: Saving of time and money to travel to attend the classroom training.
  2. Tailor Made Training: Tailor made training is also possible for the experienced trainees.
  3. Full Devotion: Full devotion and attention of the trainer.
  4. Direct Training: Direct and uninterrupted training from the trainer.
  5. Sensitivity Training: Full application of sensitivity training.
  6. Two Way Communication: Two way communication during the one to one training.
  7. Application of Team Viewer: Best method of watching, showing and participation in training process with the help of the Team View.
  8. Multiple Channels of Training: More than one method of ‘one to one’ training, such as, the Skype, the Team View or other available techniques.
  9. Minimum Time to learn: Minimum time to learn a lot.
  10. Vast Question Answer Session: Vast question answer session in which no question is left unanswered.

In addition to that, if you want some exceptional part of training, you may ask for it.

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