How WordPress is Useful for Website Development?

WordPress is the easiest Content Management System (CMS), i.e. a software that can assist you to manage, organize and upload your content and other publishable material upon the impressive and great looking website. With more than 74,652,825 websites, dependent upon the WordPress, this is the most widely used website hosting platform. The reason of the popularity of the WordPress is its flexible and easy usability with large number of freely available themes and plugins. In addition to above mentioned characteristics, the most prominent feature of this platform is its free availability for the websites and blogs.

Why Learn For WordPress?

When you are planning to start working Online, the first thing, you must do, is to learn working upon some platform. For the purposes, there are many platforms but one platform, being applied by millions of websites and blogs, is the WordPress.

Majority of the people, who learn to work upon WordPress, prefer the platform due to the many reasons, such as:

  • They want to learn to work ‘Online’ even without any help from instructor
  • They want to earn by working as a free-lancer, such as, blogger, website developer, e-commerce trader, content writer or many others.
  • You may become an industry leader in website development after learning to work upon the WordPress platform like those professionals who are already working upon more than 7 million websites. And the WordPress run websites, along with the professionals, many of them already working upon these websites, are also increasing day by day.

Complete Flexible Training Methodology

This is the first such training course which is being conducted for the development of WordPress based websites and blogs, while being conducted along with the ‘Online Sensitivity Training’. This is why; its module adjustment, timing and the other details depend largely upon the mutual interaction of trainer and the trainee. The WordPress Online Training program, offered by the System Hash, is a completely flexible program with the many prominent features.

Details of the WordPress Online training methodology is described in following few steps:

Time & Date Management: As this Training is conducted ‘Online’, the time and the schedule is completely flexible. Selection of the day and the time of the training depends upon your and trainers’ availability. But, normally, the weekends are preferred by both the trainees and the trainer. To settle the appropriate time, the contact the trainer.

Source of Communication: Individual Online training is preferably conducted upon Skype, Whatsapp or Team viewer for Sensitive Training.

Medium of Training English

For Whom This Training is Appropriate?

Flexible Training Module: Trainees will be offered three different module, depending upon their existing level of existing knowledge and expertise. The tree modules are:

  • For Startups: If you are a beginner and a startup, what you need is the basic introduction and the basic techniques to work upon the WordPress based website.
  • Budding Professionals: If you have already hands upon working experience of WordPress, then this mid-level skill orientation program is the suggested for you.
  • Advanced Professional: If you are already working upon the WordPress based website or blog, what you need is the advanced touch of the WordPress training.

Course outline for different Modules: For the details of the course outline, contact the System Hash.

  • To run the own blog successfully
  • To earn a lot from the WordPress bogs or Ecommerce
  • To place materials and stuff upon the WordPress blogs and pages
  • How to make pages and produce posts upon the blog?

Choose Training Level & Price Line

$ 50 Per Course
Basic Training
10 Hour Duration
Practical Demonstration
Usage of WhatsApp for Communication
Asistance to 1 Complete Website of Owner
$ 100 Per Course
Advanced Features
15 Hour Duration
Practical Demonstration
Usage of WhatsApp for Communication
Asistance to 1 Complete Website of Owner
$ 150 Per Course
From Installation to Advanced
20 Hour Duration
Practical Demonstration
Usage of WhatsApp for Communication
Asistance to 1 Complete Website of Owner
For WordPress Website Development Training

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