Why Choose WordPress for Blog?

With more than 70 million websites and web pages, WordPress is the premier Online open source website creation tool, written in PHP. It is of great interest for the bloggers and website owners as this is one of the leading, easiest and most powerful blogging and website Content Management System (CMS), available till now on the Internet. Though, it is easier to use WordPress but still a little complex one for some as it requires some understanding of the technicalities. This is the reason that almost all the website owners, bloggers, web page administrators and even some of search engine optimizers remain deeply interested to understand learn its working and user friendly intercourse.

Why to Learn WordPress Blog Development & Operation Online?

Learning to develop and operate WordPress blog is a strategic decision which involves the following reasons:

1-Learning to Work Online is not Possible without WordPress: When you have decided to work for or earn by working Online, it is a strategic decision. So, for the working and earning Online, learning and getting training to develop to learn the WordPress based blogs and their operation is a must.

2-Without learning to work, develop and operate WordPress platform to earn Online, it is almost impossible.

3-After getting training about the working upon WordPress, you will be able to get the following benefits:

-You can develop and run your own website or blog to work and earn handsome earning while working Online.

-You may get employment in the industry, as industry leader, after getting training to make or work upon blog or website.

-As it is not possible to imagine a modern company of today, working without the website or blog, you must understand the working of the blog or website of your own company. If you are an industry leader and working as the team manager in managerial role, it is a must for you to learn working upon the blog or website. Or you may find yourself at the mercy of the website or web page administrators of your company.

Why Training of Blog or Web Page Development is Important for Online Working?

The training session to learn application of the WordPress will be limited to the development and operation of the blog or web pages as:

Blogs May be Used for Various Purposes

The blogs are used for many purposes, such as:

  • Blog is the easiest type of the website to develop and operate.
  • Blogs are used for the distribution of the information for the general Online viewers.
  • It may be used to attract the traffic to the specific cause, page or the ecommerce websites from the search engines.
  • Blogs may be used for the entertainment or other purposes as well.
  • You may apply blogs to earn money, as well, by displaying the advertisements on them or so on.
  • They may be used as news blogs as well to work as the newspapers.
  • Some of the blogs can also be used for dissemination of the education or information related to the knowledge and education.
  • Pictorial blogs can be used for the display of the pictorial news or information as the images or the infographic.
  • Some of the blogs can be used by the individual groups, associations or even by the political parties for the dissemination of their specific cause, point of view or to remain in touch with their members or supporters.
  • There are countless other usages and applications for which the blogs can be used.

So, when you are learning to develop and use the blog, you will learn the countless usages and applications of the blogs.

What You Will Learn during Blog or Web Development Courses Online?

When you are attending the course to learn WordPress training course at System Hash, you will be offered two types of training:

Blog or Website Development Training: In this part of the training, we will train you to develop the WordPress blog or website for you, for your company or for any commercial entity.

Bog or Website Operation and Management Training: In this part of the training program, you will be offered the fundamental training to operate and run website or blog for your use or as company administrator.

How the Training is conducted to Learn Web Development Online at System Hash?

Following will be our training strategies:

1-Month Period of Training: The period of training will be 2 months with 2 hours training session per week.

2-Training Day: The training sessions will be conducted on Sunday or late in the night during the week days.

3-Group or Individual Online Training: The training courses will be offered upon the group or individual basis. For the group training, the group must be at least of 5 trainees.

4-Interchangeable Usage of Different Software As Channels of Communication: As per the need of the training, the training will be conducted by applying the following communication channels and resources, as and when needed:


-Team Viewer



-Or any other communication channel or the resource media can be applied, as and when needed

5-Sensitivity Training: Sensitivity training will be an essential part of the every training session.

6-Prolonged Question Answer Sessions: The question answer sessions will be conducted, regularly. During the prolonged question answer sessions, each and every question will be answered.

Fundamental Methodologies for Blog Development and Operations

During the Online training, 4 basic approaches will be adopted:

  • Teaching and Dissemination of Knowledge and Information: For the purposes, some initial part of every session will be used for the lecture and knowledge dissemination.
  • Demonstration of Development and Operation of the Blogs: During these sessions, the trainers will demonstrate the practical working of the concerned part of the training.
  • Sensitivity Training: During the session, you will be asked to perform some activity while the trainer will be there to check you and to advise you in case you make some mistake.
  • Question Answer Session: During this session, the detailed answers to the questions, asked by you, will be answered.

Free Online Introductory Lecture about Training Every Sunday at YouTube

So, if you are interested to attend the free introductory session of the training, you may enroll by contacting us for your registration in it.

For the purpose, fill up the contact form, placed below and send us. You will be contacted back soon.

  • Highly qualified, experienced and trained facilitators
  • State of the art training techniques
  • Demonstration of different steps of WordPress blog development
  • Prolonged and rich question answer session
  • Different modules for the beginners and experiential learners

Choose Training Level & Price Line

$ 50 Per Course
Basic Training
10 Hour Duration
Practical Demonstration
Usage of WhatsApp for Communication
Asistance to 1 Complete Website of Owner
$ 100 Per Course
Advanced Features
15 Hour Duration
Practical Demonstration
Usage of WhatsApp for Communication
Asistance to 1 Complete Website of Owner
$ 150 Per Course
From Installation to Advanced
20 Hour Duration
Practical Demonstration
Usage of WhatsApp for Communication
Asistance to 1 Complete Website of Owner
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