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As ecommerce is a new concept in the Online business and commerce, many people are not aware of the ecommerce. So, let’s have a brief discussion upon the ecommerce before the start of discussion on development of ecommerce website.

Ecommerce is a trillion dollar ($1000 billion) industry today which is increasingly by double digit percentage annually. As per the statistics, about 7% of retail global business is done on Internet. This is the reason many of the business and commercial enterprises are shifting their part of business upon the Internet.

Despite the rapid increase and expansion of business on Internet, great many people are not aware of the working of the ecommerce. So, lets’ start with the brief introduction of the ecommerce.

What is Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is a derived term for any type of the Online business, Online commerce, Online trade or any Online commercial transaction, that is carried by applying the digital measures upon the Internet.

E-commerce, typically called, electronic commerce or simply, EC, is the process where any or all of the followings are worked upon:

  • Sale & purchase of goods and services
  • Transmission or exchange of monitoring of funds or data
  • With the application of electronic or digital network, primarily over the Internet
  • There are three types of business transactions of e-commerce between:
    • Business and business
    • Business and end consumer
    • Between two end consumers
    • And reverse transaction between the end consumer and business

In short, the electronic commerce is a collection of different state of the art technologies, such as, mobile based commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet trade & marketing, Online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems and other automated data collection systems.

Typically, e-commerce and e-business are often interchangeable terms whereas the term, ‘e-tail’ is also frequently applied when used for the Online shopping, business, commercial transactions or exchange of services.

So, after the initial introduction to the ecommerce and its simplest working model, let’s start with our training of ecommerce website development online training.

How the Ecommerce Website Development Online Training is conducted?

There are two modules for the ecommerce website development online training course which are:

  • Module 1: How to Make Ecommerce Website Training Course?
  • Module 2: How to Run Ecommerce Website to Make Profit?

Let’s have a closer look upon the both modules:

Module 1: In the module 1, we will train you about the following:

  • How to apply Woo-commerce to turn WordPress website into an ecommerce website?
  • How to get the domain and purchase the hosting services?
  • How to get and install WordPress for free for the operation of ecommerce website?
  • How to adjust the common configurations for setting of WordPress?
  • How to apply the different tools and plugins for the ecommerce website to make it a most profitable one?

Module 2: In the module 2, we will train you about the following:

  • How to add product and services upon ecommerce website for sale?
  • How to sell products and services upon the ecommerce website?
  • How to make better interaction with the clients with the help of the social media channels?
  • How to indicate and mange popular payment gateways?

Both the modules will be conducted, separately, for the beginners or advanced learners.

Group or Individual Training

For the training, either the group training or the individual ‘one to one’ training will be arranged.

Training Methodology 

For the Online training, two different types of the training methodologies will be conducted:

  • If the training is conducted in small groups, the Skype will be applied for delivering the training.
  • If the training is conducted for one person only, the Skype will be applied along with the sensitivity training, will be conducted by using the Team Viewer, the software.

Different details, such as, time and personal concerns will be arranged, accordingly.

  • How to deavelop best earning ecommerce website?
  • The best earning strategies
  • How to communicate, directly, with the client?
  • Best payment gateways as tools
  • Industry leaders as trainers
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