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Should School Upload Material on Blogs for Students of Other Than Class or School?

Being considerate and thoughtful about the general welfare of the town boys & girls and social responsibilities, the school blogs may publish the material, not only for their own students but also for the students of other academic and non-academic institutions in the Town in which school is established. The material for the town students may create good will for the school, sponsoring the blog, and this step may enhance the trend to enroll in the school as well.

Further, while providing the helping material for the students of other schools and academic units, the general acceptability of the school, sponsoring the blog, and its students will increase many folds in the town. Upon the Internet, those schools and academic institutions are reputed as the best and the student friendly which provide the maximum help and assistance to their own students or to the outsiders as well. From such resources, the students and the researchers from around the globe may take benefit.

Some of the institutions publish the material of so high quality that they may be referred in the research and term papers as well. Such published materials may upgrade the academic ranking of the schools and other academic institutions.

So, the good and reputed schools, willing to enhance their ranking in the eyes of the general public, the educational authorities and even the students, make it a policy to publish the very high quality academic material upon the school blog.