What Essential Steps are Needed to Publish New Post at WordPress Blog?

Writing an article or post at the WordPress website or blog is an easy step which may publish an ordinary article upon the blog. But, if you want an article which can rank at the top ten posts upon the search engine results pages (SERP), then you must publish the posts with many other important and essential steps.

Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the ordinary post publishing and then we will go into details of making the post a top ranking post in the search engines in the upcoming posts.


1: First of all, open up the ‘Dashboard’ of your blogs.

2: Now, in the column on the right side of the ‘Dashboard’, just move cursor over the ‘Posts’ and see the left ward popup menu would appear with following items.

  • All Posts
  • Add New
  • Categories
  • Tags

3: Click the ‘Add New’ when you want to add new post upon your blog. If will open up the ‘Add New Post’ interface and page with two important spaces for entering the written stuff for publishing the posts on the Internet and search engines. These two spaces for entering the written material are; title bar, the place to enter post title and the WYSIWYG, an acronym for ‘What you see is what you get’ to write the post stuff.

4: Just write or paste the title of the post in the title bar and write and paste the post material in the WSYIWYG, fixed for writing the post stuff.

Now, your post is ready to be published upon the Internet. Just click the ‘Publish’ button in the right column upon the ‘Dashboard’ and the post will be published upon the Internet. It will be visible upon your blog but may not occupy the prominent ranking in the search engines.

But, there are many important steps in the post publishing which are missing in this post publication. The most important one is the missing search engine optimization entries which are very important point in the post publishing. If these SEO entries are not made, properly, then there are rare chances that the post will be accepted and posted upon the search engines.

So, in the upcoming posts, all the important steps, between the ‘Add New Post’ till the ‘Publish’, will be discussed in details.

Stay tuned!