Education Blogs

What Material Can be Uploaded upon Blogs for Teaching Materials for Present or Future Class Students by Teachers?

Some of the advanced college and university teaching courses require the upload of the teaching materials, such as, the multi-media slides or the lecture notes, for the students on the web pages to prepare in advance for the teaching. So, majority of the teachers create the blogs to upload the following materials for the students:

  • Detailed lecture wise lesson plan for the upcoming semester
  • Outline for the future class lectures
  • Multi Media slides for the last and present lectures
  • Some of the helping or related reading stuff about the lectures
  • Class notes for the students
  • List of the course books, to be followed during the lectures
  • The list of the books for the references
  • Details and the announcement for the next class agenda
  • Any announcement of the sudden quizzes or assignments

Keeping the importance of the blogs in view, the schools, colleges or the universities create the blogs which may be run by:

  • Academic institutions, themselves, by administrators
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Or may rely upon some other outside body for the purpose.

When these blogs are created, the uploading procedure of the material or their administration may also be decided upon, accordingly. Depending upon the level and nature of the class, the quality and quantity of the material may be shared between the students and the faculty.