Which Class Room Activities of Students May Be Reported on Class or Teacher Blogs?

In most of the instances, the teacher blogs for the classrooms and academic activities are created for sharing the information of what happened inside the classroom. These are created to inform the students, absent from the class on that day or period and other students who could not take note during the class, the class supervisor, the school administrators and even the parents, about the different activities on that day.

Some of the class activities, are planned for the upcoming classes or the days. These activities may include the following:

  • Lessons / Lecture Plans of Teachers – When the teachers are teaching at the advanced levels, some part of the plan for teaching in the class may be revealed even before time. The purpose of the lesson plan disclosure even before time is to give the student enough time to prepare for the upcoming lecture. Upload of the past lecture plan also may also be used by the students who did not attend the last class.
  • Lesson Plans for Whole Semester / Session – Some of the teachers may upload whole the plan for all the upcoming classes lectures for the semester / session, so that the student may come to attend the class well prepared.
  • Mid – Term Tests Announcements – All the mid-term and the final exams are always announced even before the start of the semester or session. This is, particularly, mentioned upon the blog or any other school platform.
  • Tests or the Sudden Quizzes – Though the quizzes or the sudden tests are always unexpected, but still many teachers don’t believe on this philosophy. The disclosure of at least the date of the test or the quizzes is liked by most of the teachers or the academicians.
  • Announcement of the Results of Previously Held Tests and Quizzes – As the announcement of the results of the previously held class tests or the quizzes is treated as the wastage of the time in the class, the announcement of the test results upon the private portfolio of the blog may be preferred. Students may login to the appropriate portfolio and may see their marks in the mids, quizzes or the class tests.
  • New Assignments and Their Submission Dates – Good teachers always announce and distribute the assignments, their topics, procedure to complete them, marking procedure and the dates of submission. Now, for the students to remember the details, all the details may be published upon the blog.
  • Marking of Previous Assignments – Like the all the other academic records, the marking of the previous assignments may also be published upon the hidden portfolio of the school records. The students may login to it and may see their records.
  • Other Minor Academic or Co-Curricular Activities Held in Class – There may be many academic or co-curricular activities in the class which may be shared with the students of the same class with the students of other classes. These may be class lecture by any guest speaker, the small discussion session in the class, question answer session or so on. You may upload some of the snapshots or even the videos of the same activities for the interest of the students and even for the other faculty members of other classes or subjects.
  • Discussion Topics in Previous or Future Class Days – Discussion or even the advanced question answer session before any quiz, test or even before the final exam may be announced before such activity. For the formal arranged activity, the teacher may announce topics for the discussion or announcement of question answer session.
  • Announcement of Class Presentation Sessions – If the class presentation of the assignments is the part of the academic activity, the teacher may announce the class presentations date, the time allocated to individual or group presentation, the marking procedure and other details.

All the above and many others may be a part of the teacher blog, set for announcing and managing the various academic activities.

Precautionary MeasureBefore mentioning the names of the students for the different activities on the blog, refer to the privacy clauses of the related law.