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Which Type of Helping Materials Can be Uploaded upon Blogs?

Teachers and the Academic blog administrators may help the students a lot by publishing and uploading of the helping material upon the blog. The helping material may be about the subject matter or other materials related remotely to the subject matter. The links to such material, available at the remote places of the Internet or about the books, available in the school library. Some of the helping material may be published in the written form or its links may be given.

Some of the teachers may publish their own solution to the assignments to the senior classes or their own books, theses or working papers as the helping material. This helping material not only helps the students to prepare for the exams, but may also help them to write down the assignments.

In addition to assignments, the teachers of the blog administrators may publish the various links to the books, available Online, the various published materials other than the books, some of the materials published by the researchers & writers and so on. Then the students are invited to go through such materials and then prepare for the exams, tests, quizzes and even for the assignments.

Some of the teachers upload their recorded lectures upon the Internet and advise the students to refer to them while writing for the assignments or preparing for the exams and tests. The choice of the helping materials for the students depends upon their own level and the point view of the teachers. Some teachers advise the students to refer to their own lectures or may also expand the assignment base to the wider helping material.

For the school or associate college level assignments, the helping material may remain constraint to the limited helping material. But, for the advanced studies, the research level assignments and term papers, the helping material may be extended to whole the Internet and students are advised to get help from outer resources as well.